The creator of “Nasomatto”, Alessandro Guatieri, has taken advantage of the world in all its forms, from food to sexual aromas: the experience of a life full-lived.

Born in Italy, Alessandro began his career as a student of historical perfumery techniques at a German training institute; an education that was quickly complemented by the lessons of an experienced Italian patrician he met at the only bar in the city. After years of creating scents for “Fendi”, “Diesel”, “Versace” and “Helmut Lang”, he decided to follow his own vision of bold and transgressive perfumes with the launch of his line “Nasomatto”, based in Amsterdam. Gualtieri’s philosophy holds that our sensory perceptions are the main catalysts behind all human action and decision making. As a result, he designs his scents to reinforce certain feelings in the bearer: “Duro” for strength, “Black Afgano” for happiness, “Silver Musk” for sexual charisma, and so on. After having tried them all, we certainly have no discussion.

The collection is composed of nine independent fragrances, with incredibly evocative names, with a touch of madness. They are modern perfumes, unusual and full of personality that reflect the joy of living of Alessandro and his love for all the things that smell. 


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