Perfumer Henrik Lestréus is proudly introducing the luxury perfume brand “Svensk Parfym” in June 2017. A unique concept of fine fragrances, inspired by Sweden, made in Sweden. The debute of “Svensk Parfym” is celebrated by the official launching of three eaux de parfum and an exclusive interview published on

This concept is unique in every sense. “Svensk Parfym” is an interpretation of Sweden by scent, just as it is and as it once was. Its nature, landscapes, cultures, people, cities, villages, history, present and future, all inspire and contribute to this unique craftsmanship.

Without compromises and with great attention to detail solely premium materials are selected and used in all creations of “Svensk Parfym”, as top quality and presentation is always first priority, with pride and joy.

Fragrances are very communicative. Fragrance changes and plays with our mind. In their unique way to communicate each fragrance tells a story which message will be experienced by the curious and the ignorant alike.

Let’s take this moment to think about fragrance on a deeper level. In fact, how we react to scents can never be calculated. Fragrance makes memories, awakes memories and depends on memories. It’s a complex mechanism between physics, chemistry, biology and fantasy. Fragrance can be seen as a door to a deeper understanding of this remarkable mechanism.


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