Roja Dove is renowned for his passion for scent which is grounded in memories of love, and a love for discovering the sensuality of the world in new and surprising ways.

From childhood, the experience of perfume would transport Roja from the temporal to the fantastic – a place of perfection and dreams that could instantly be rekindled through scent. To this day, it is this artistic magic that inspires Roja to create perfumes that surprise and astonish, perfumes that encapsulate this exciting time in his life.

“I have always said that I have lived the life I was born to lead. At some specific long lost moment, a fragrant molecule entered my being and I was forever changed; my destiny was forged, it’s path galvanised. There was no other path to tread than that of perfumery, and along its colourful brick-road I have encountered the work of mighty geniuses who allow their creativity to become part of our core, our being.  How can anyone not love perfumery?”

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