​Sweet Celestials

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“Sweet Celestials” perfume is a sensory journey inspired by the rich and decadent world of “ขนม$น (Khanom Chan)”, the beloved Thai dessert. The fragrance beautifully captures the essence of Khanom Chan, combining the fascination of his exquisite appearance with the delight of his delicious taste. The top notes of the perfume embrace the sweet and exotic aroma of pandan. Leaves, known for their natural sweetness, reminiscent of vanilla and almond. These notes are complemented by the lovely floral aroma of Nom Maew flower (Rauwenhoffia siamensis), adding an element of delicacy and elegance to the fragrance.
As the aroma develops, heart notes of mung bean and jasmine water appear; together, creating a comforting and opulent blend. Mung bean adds a powdery sweetness, while jasmine water brings a captivating floral touch. Bouquet, which evokes the precious flavors of “ขนม$น (Khanom Chan)”. The base of “Sweet Celestials” is based on the creamy opulence of coconut milk, an homage to the Thai dessert’s signature ingredient. Sandalwood adds depth and sophistication, grounding the fragrance in a harmonious balance of sweetness and earthiness.
“Sweet Celestials” is more than a perfume; It is an ethereal experience that transports you to a realm where heavenly beauty and delicious sweetness harmonize. Pays tribute to the art and charm of “ขนม$น (Khanom
Chan)”, capturing its opulence and celebrating its Thai heritage. Perfect for those who appreciate the fusion of culture and aroma, “Sweet Celestials” offers a heavenly journey of aromas that enchants and
captivates the senses.


Main Notes: Pandan Leaf, Nom Maew (Rauwenhoffia Siamensis), Rice Powder, Mung Bean, Coconut Milk, Coconut Water, Jasmine Water, Sandalwood, Sugar, White Flowers, Palm Sugar.


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