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Megange is a perfume created after Ghaliya Rosarie, but based on Oud; a Ghaliyah, based on oud, and this is very different from making an all oud perfume or even a typical oud-rich perfume. It is about making a very balanced perfume where the oud is the central theme and where you use accessory oils that make the oud perform at its best. The more experience you get with perfume, the more perfumery becomes more than just the use of rare materials; perfumery becomes this extremely sensitive balance of three things, the theme of the perfume, the materials used and also maximising the beauty of whatever material is at hand.

If Rosarie was all about rose and musk, Jinko was all about oud, oud, oud, Elixir Attar Melange is about how best to use a lot of oud with other materials to get a magical oud ghaliya experience. For this Ghaliya we have used 8 different tinctures, the most important of which are musk and ambergris, as well as various ouds from Malaysia, Bangladesh, Thailand and Cambodia (Cambodia 1985).


Top notes: cardamom, anise and saffron, among others.

Heart notes: Taif rose with musk and other flowers, including boronia.

Base notes: vanilla, myrrh, various ouds, musk, ambergris and many more.


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