Cohiban Coffee Oud Extreme

Smoky. Gourmand


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Dear customer, due to the high cost of Elixir Attar perfumes, we will not be able to offer you free samples of 0.3 ML of this brand, but 1ML samples of each of the perfumes are available for purchase.

Cohiban Coffee Oud Extreme puts a special twist on cohiba coffee. In addition to chocolate, Indian jasmine sambac, genuine cigar resinoid, gaiac wood, aged Mysore sandalwood, tobacco absolute and honey absolute, a generous dose of incense-laden ouds was added to elevate this attar from a mere gourmand to an extreme oud, incense-gourmand-smoky fragrance. The ouds used in this composition add a new layer of complexity to our Cohiban Coffee, making it the perfect companion for smoke lovers and gourmands.



</p> <p>NOTES</p> <p>

Main Notes: Chocolate, Honey absolute, Indian Jasmine Sambac, Mysore sandalwood, oud, tobacco absolute, cigar, gaiac wood

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