Chen Xiang




Dear customers, due to the high cost of Elixir Attar brand perfumes, we will not be able to offer you free 0.3ML samples of this brand; but they do have the purchase of 1ML samples of each of the perfumes available.

Cheng Xiang is a perfume belonging to the Chinese Collection of the Elixir Attar brand, with the particularity of containing incredibly large quantities of wild Chinese agarwood from MaoMing and Hainan, deer musk and ambergris.

One of the most challenging things for a perfumer was finding the right ingredients that reflect one of the richest histories and cultures that exist. Even more difficult was deciding on the name of the perfumes, and in this we had the incredible help of our dear friend and China specialist Danielle from Hong Kong, her help in providing the right literary sources was impeccable. Not only did she send me some ancient texts on perfumery and incense from China, but she also helped me assimilate much of this enormous plethora of information. This mention is the least we can do to show you our special thanks at Elixir Attar.


Main Notes: MaoMing Agarwood, Hainan Agarwood, Ambergris, Musk, Chinese White Tea, Blue.


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