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Babylonia Ballad, belonging to the Elixir Attar Incense collection, is the last Ballad (No. 10), Babylonia, focuses on labdanum, one of the most precious and ancient incenses of all time.

When we started planning our ballads, we had many raw materials to consider, we wanted to show their beauty in new ways that were rarely done in modern perfumery. It was a challenge to make labdanum central because generally in perfumery it is used as a fixative or as a very slight trace of amber presence in the drydown. Here he takes on a larger role, central to Babylon, he is a very vivid co-star. The labdanum here is mixed with sweet orange and caraway, with patchouli, vetiver, oakmoss and cedarwood; Some floral elements support the composition without being central, such as jasmine, geranium and lavender. The amount of work that was put into this perfume is truly tremendous, from the labels to the covers. This project took about 6 months to complete. The idea is to give you an olfactory sensation of the ancient Babylonian civilization, with the Ishtar Gate on both the label and the lid made in the shape of the Ishtar Gate, an iconic landmark of ancient Babylon, currently located in modern-day Iraq. . Unlike Yan Huang Zisuns 3D printed resin caps, the Babylon cap is made of solid zinc alloy and is strong, a very nice decorative element on its own.


Main Notes: Labdanum,lavender, oakmoss, jasmine, caraway seeds, orange, patchouli, pink geranium, vetiver, cedar.


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