The Greek Goddess of gardens and flowers seemed a fitting continuation after the initial release of “Gaea”, Mother Earth Goddess. 

Flowers represent life itself; the miracle of a tiny seed creating roots, then buds, and finally becoming a full flower; the petals unfurling in response to the sun’s rays. 

The flower celebrates life, it flows, and even in the moment of dying, the flower dies with grace and stillness; in harmony with the universe. When you look closely at a flower, you can see the intelligence and beauty of its design, you feel the vitality present in the stillness. A saint once said, “You can see God in a flower”. So here we celebrate flowers and gardens, with a name linked to the divine aspect of the miracle that is life.  


Main Notes: Red Mandarin, Yuzu Aldehyde, Ginger, Apricot, Raspberry, Rose Absolute, Orris Butter Tincture, Violet Chord, Bulgarian Rose Absolute, Madagascar Vanilla Absolute, Vanillin, Synthetic Musk, Balsam of Peru, Benzoin, Vetiver, Indian Sandalwood and Ambergris Tincture.


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