“When I was a kid, I liked to wear my mother’s perfume. When I grew up, I wanted to know how to make colognes myself; but in Thailand there’s no university where I could learn perfumery, so I applied to university to learn how to make films, my other interest in life. And after I got my masters degree in Films, I just realized that I had missed something important in my life: I wanted to make perfumes! I wanted to create something! I wanted to tell stories in perfumes!

So when I had a chance to go to Grasse, France, for the Cannes Film Festival, I just applied for short perfumer courses, for 4 weeks. When I came back to Thailand, I just didn’t want to make films; I wanted to teach students to make films and make perfumes. So I found a job in perfume company, The Perfumer’s World, in Bangkok and started to learn there until I decided to create my own brand”.

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