“Jorum” was established in 2010 by Scottish perfumer Euan McCall working under the pseudonym “Jorum Laboratories”. Since 2016, “Jorum” has been operated equally by Euan and his partner Chloe Mullen.

Chloe and Euan have been quietly building a new world class perfume making industry in Scotland from their “Jorum” base in Edinburgh. They have formulated and crafted perfumes for some of the best loved names in perfumery. They have always taken a hand-made, crafted approach to both formulation design and also manufacturing processes.  They craft products which are unique, original and contemporary. 

“We take a collaborative approach to creating our collections and presentation, commissioning skilled makers to produce new works in either a self-directed or collaborative manner. We use “Jorum Studio” as a vehicle for our own continued discovery and development, but also a platform for others seeking to discover new aspects of their own craft or develop their skills”.


Chloe Mullen

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