“The constant search for quality materials is not only crucial for the achievement of the perfume, but it is an eternal passion to which I am forced to surrender”.

After graduating in History of Art in Florence, Francesca Bianchi began her passion for the manufacture of perfumes for a book on natural perfumery and a handful of essential oils. At that time, she also liked Alchemy, although it took her a while to understand the connection with the manufacture of perfumes. Since then, Francesca has been studying and experimenting. She has lived in many cities: Florence, Berlin, Luxembourg and Amsterdam, while working on the publication of art books.

In her laboratory in Amsterdam, Francesca creates her perfumes, which are then completely prepared by hand in a laboratory in Italy. 

“Real circumstances, mental states and intuitions charged with a disturbing, sensory, emotional or spiritual meaning are the source of my inspiration. These are my epiphanies. I am not interested in simply copying their smell, but conjuring them and, at the same time, expressing the emotional emotion I experience during these epiphanic events.

The creation of a perfume is a very long and complex process and it takes me a hermit’s life to design a formula that I then mix, holding my breath in each drop I add as in a sacred ritual. In those moments of ecstasy and silence, I feel like an alchemist who through a transformation gives birth to something new, which is not the simple addition of different materials”.      

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