“HOMO·ELEGANS” was founded by Francesco Gini and Maurizio Piazzi. It is an innovative, independent and contemporary brand and at the same time with a high poetic and cultural value.

“We believe that fragrance should be an active part of the vision we have of ourselves and our potential for interaction”.

Through his creations, “HOMO·ELEGANS” talks about the evolution of the Human Being towards beauty. The perfumes are inspired by characters and specific figures that, thanks to their identity, options and forms of expression, give a specific contribution to humanity. This is the portrait of a new human being.

The perfumes of “HOMO·ELEGANS” are composed of high quality natural raw materials as an idea of ​​real and concrete olfactory matter. It is believed to be the substance of the living substance expressed as an emotional non-reproducible olfactory vibration. Innovative olfactory harmonies are investigated and they decide to use the high identities of the concepts.

Mauricio Piazzi was born in Verona in 1979.  He soon dedicated himself to the world of the arts. After several experiences in contemporary art, he concludes the Academy of Fine Arts in Verona and reaches the world of design, applying his artistic skills to the techniques of image and product development. After six years in advertising as an art director, nowadays he is dedicated to creative projects of product development, communication and image campaigns, advertising and applied communication.

Voraciously curious, then unconditional lover of the olfactory world, thanks to the encounter with Francesco Gini opens his experience to this world.

Francesco Gini grows professionally within the “GINI” winery, one of the realities of excellence producing wineries in the Verona area. A family of winemakers since the year 1500, who empathetically absorbs the culture of gourmet food and wine. He is passionate about theater, acting, poetry, maturing his own aesthetic taste. In 2011, he creates a triptych of perfumed waxes dedicated to the wine-growing territories of Soave in Monteforte. Immediately afterwards, he opens his own boutique GINI FRAGRANZE in San Bonifacio, where he proposes a selection of artistic fragrances and selected brands.

Olfactory artist who always seeks new expressive occasions organizes events where he combines the olfactory world with art, music, reading and fashion.

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