“Fascinated by history and literature, I’ve been creating for years inspired perfumes to convey emotions.

‘Jardins d’Écrivains’ evokes romantic temperaments revealing intimate mechanisms expressed by a fine and creative perfumery.

‘Cocottes de Pari’s offers a triptych “Belle Epoque” inspired by three iconic courtesans.

Darwin had mentioned that there was no civilization without tattooing.

‘GRI GRI’ is aimed at messenger skin, offering singular and original perfumes.

‘Maison Jardins d’Ecrivains’ is a place that presents all my creations in an atypical atmosphere. It is kind of dream room, a place loaded with an accumulation of objects of the past and dried flowers. It is a way to afford yourself a parenthesis in an unusual and inspiring space-time to choose your own perfume.”

Anaïs Biguine

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