“Beaufort London” is a new niche perfume brand that went on sale in 2015 with the “Come Hell or High Water” collection, inspired by British naval history.

“It is the first chapter of our little story. We believe that with these three ‘Eau De Parfum’ we have created a stormy, bold and bold opening; perhaps a little contrary to the tone is already established. It will be clear that in the center of our narratives there is a history: the history of a nation; a personal, an imagined and embellished history fragments of moments and past lives that endure the small contradictions, irony and conflicts that exist in all of us, that arouse our curiosity and propel us forward”.

“Coeur De Noir”, “Vi et Armis” and “Tonnerre” were the first three perfumes of the collection. In 2016, “Fathom V” and “Lignum Vitae” were launched. In 2017 they launch “Revenants”, inspired by historical figures from the past of Great Britain.

Characters in our history whose presence endures subtly. This new collection has two perfumes: “Iron Duke” and “Rake & Ruin”.

The nose that worked on these fragrances is Julie Dunkley.

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