At first there was fire, air, earth, wood, stone, metal and leather… Seven elements that express the raw material and its transformation, an unchanging alliance between man and nature.

“SOURCES D’ORIGINE” is a collection of niche perfumes launched in the spring of 2017 and autumn of 2018. Seven symbols of Burgundy, authentic territory and cradle of this collection: AIR ÉLÉMENTAL, FEU PRIMITIF, TERRE INITIALE, BOIS PREMIER, PIERRE ORIGINELLE, MÉTAL ABSOLU and CUIR ÉTERNEL.

Justine Brivet is passionate about smells. In college, her technology teacher who saw her passion directs she to a baccalaureate at the Science and Technology Laboratory. He will spend it at Châlon sur Saône in the Lycée Nièpce.

Justine Brivet integrates a large school in Versailles with the thought of becoming a perfumer. The ISIPCA, Institut Supérieur International du Parfum.

This school of excellence is also the school of passions in which learning plays an important role. The ISIPCA is the national and international reference school of the perfume industry at present.

Justine Brivet then spends several hours a day to smell “every day, several times a day, the same scents to separate them in detail between the vetiver of Haiti or Java.” Justine Brivet finally withdraws her license at the end of these very sophisticated courses.

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